Joe Steinlechner

Passionate Audio Descriptor

A true passion for supporting experiences in the non-visual space. Offering audio description in native English and native German. A range of experiences, including live events such as the coronation of King Charles III, and UEFA football competitions for national broadcasters, to writing scripts for pre-produced AD.

Award-winning Advocate for Inclusion

Apart from founding the first female blind football team, hosting the first women’s club tournament in Europe, I have also been awarded the Social Football Award 2022 by the Austrian Football Association.
In addition, I fought for Inclusion on the front lines as a teacher at-risk youth in an inclusive setting for 4 years, as a fellow of the Teach For All-Programme.

Dedicated Researcher

Presenter at the Sustainability Research Congress, part of the Teach for Reach-project, published Co-Author and speaker at the University of Vienna and the University of Pretoria. Currently pusuing a Ph.D. at the Univesity of Vienna. Specialized in experimental design and data modelling.